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world a far greater disciple. These teachers were aided in their efforts
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had not thank God entirely destroyed the English nation but
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tagious diseases and the sentence of Hippocrates may be here
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their hospitality by inflicting on them long speeches
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Following a resection of three or four inches of bowel
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infected one another. In Sweden this disease was known as
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never depends on the presence of foreign bodies in the lumen of the
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commonest possible use. A charm for the bite of a mad dog
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this visit the girl became ill and refused food but
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Hurtrel d Arboval devotes a chapter to this subject. Then follow the
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sible consistent with safety to the surrounding parts.
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livid or gangrenous and covered with black patches. The
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contact or by the means of fomites. It therefore resembles a
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Congratulations And Best Wishes To The Class Of 1984
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and liver were generally speaking diseased and in the majority
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year. A great morren of cows ran over the whole kingdom
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the parish representing the number of points of contact is of less
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mittent and increased in volume. Temp dropped 3 deg. in as many
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necessary to wait before all the animals on a farm are attacked
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The Lymphatics are divided into two groups those belonging
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syphilitic cases there was noticed sometimes a distinct rise in the amount
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experience at the Wanstead railway tragedy. It appears that for three
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But every patient whether apparently quite well or with the disease
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success May I suggest that at future meetings of our Society one or
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stage of the fever. The child was readily delivered
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it came it swept away almost whole flocks but yet it could in
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lized silk ligatures and the large gravid uterus re
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bitch that has had many litters whose mammae are perfectly
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ie indigenous or the cattle of which are liable when esposed to


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