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to Milan and the lower Milanese territories. In August 1790

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angel himself. He was called the Good and the Blessed but it

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continued until late in the following spring. At the conclusion

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tory in its present condition. The extra accommodation is much needed

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brought into Northumberland a Spanish ewe as big as a calf of

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me I can do nothing more than repeat my warmest and heartiest thanks.

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is great sickness among horses of which numbers die which

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A.D 1770. In this year the sugar ants made their first appear

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appear as a symptom of hysteria. 2. Pure functional neuroses of the

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An Asthma. Live a fortnight on boiled carrots only. Or take an

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plaint from certain patients that a milk diet makes

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partments of intellectual labor and are fitted to dis

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fee. The ungenerous treatment of English physicians in Switzerland

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disposition naturelle a l erreur les fausses idees la credulite la

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think of the immense numbers of cattle these different countries

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considered their whole duty in relation to tuberculosis performed and

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for this has frequently been disproved by excision of the glands in dogs.

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add to these two signs the diminution of milk the flaccidity of the

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a stinking and suffocating smoke accompanied by tempests con

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Magdeburg. At Karaschtz in Silesia there was an extraor

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