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coalesced and soldered together as usually fell out where the
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skin is very white until the capillaries fill again
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one cannot but have a more hopeful view of this very troublesome
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second crop in September. A disease of cattle invaded them a
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son and Korewaar Maxwell found eight separate centres in the
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treatment for several days when I ordered the follow
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the herds of Venice and Lombardy have suffered from invasions
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work of our profession and claim fraternal recogni
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scabs of a carbuncular nature were observed behind their ears.
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ment of the attack the gland sloughed off the sequestrum weighing
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nearly the entire frontal bone in the tenth case the
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vessels and in which are the debris of the lacteal canals. These
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for this purpose. Without general narcosis it will be a very well trained
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found the joint disintegrated and removed the head of the femur and
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underwent rapid and striking improvement and the pyrexia in many
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having the evil in her feet from her infancy at eleven years old
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Descriptive Anatomy. Principles and Practice of Medicine and Neurology.
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nary mortal and of a distinguished Chinese who when any one
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upon the facts testified to should certainly hear the witnesses who
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matter of great consequence and this should be decided by adequate
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confirmed. The omentum was anastomosed and though the fluid at
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posite countries where it rages with great violence. To obtain the
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the abdomen is tumefied which extends to the umbilicus in front
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England about the middle of October and travelled southward
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In Boulonnais France rot in sheep manifested itself as
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phthisis. We meet with the diseases in the larynx in
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and yellow fever were severely felt as epidemics in America and


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