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partly to the great lateral and small antcro postc

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extremity was amputated at the shoulder joint with good results. The

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the important results of the investigations of that

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Ditto to ditto with pons and medulla oblongata 1 8 il

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tinued rising and falling in intensity until it almost suddenly

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sometimes beaten out into a rod or wire and encased in silver

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that all owners of cattle should have a moderate acquaintance with

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sertion of the ctecum there were twelve yards the cxcum was

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Ottoman empire also suffered severely from plague. In the river

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Diagnosis. Before commencing what should be a very complete

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very interesting case of a man aged thirty suffering from dysphagia.

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which has been much discussed in medical societies and the medical

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by the division of labor. As each part or organ of the

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Prussia Silesia where on six farms alone there succumbed 1470

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patriot Rome and the Campagnawere rid of the disease in nine

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incongruous to suppose that the plague amongst hunting dogs

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Hahnemann Archivist Don Jennings and Bill O Brien Josten s American Yearbook

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suture to the bones of the head and is projected to a point.

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divided blood vessel must receive the surgeon s atten

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alludes to the pain arising from stings being assuaged by the

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pastores. We will examine this part of the subject hereafter.

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signed. When neither is.accessible remittances may be made at the risk

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in preservation of professional honor yet the annual

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and at night laid beneath the patient s pillow. It was locally

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