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those which were so advanced that I had to remove both pectoralis

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plague smote man and beast throughout the whole province.

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both single isolated neoplasms and diffused papillomata.

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in the way of establishing this theory because it was soon found that

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healthy condition. Persons with a consumptive family history should

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without causing constitutional disturbance and there it became inflamed

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indicate that mental disorders are of essentially the same nature and

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formulas. At the end of the various chapters there are a number of

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leo linen Sec to which the infectious effluvia of the disease had

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seen epizooty broke out amongst fowls so that they wasted away

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ing schooner was in the harbour of that town. Several sailors attended

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two sutures. In November 1897 he again had colic and jaundice in

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and again when it is waning the absolescence of the


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