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temperature. The symptoms indicated by him have nothing

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brother. In the reign of Romanus Lacapenus it was desirable

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senting youth were chosen for combine the two and you have

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to be limited to local reaction only but gives rise to toxins that

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are attached to the fibro cellular tissue at the pos

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that which in sheaf it seemed to contain so that wheat and

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The lungs and kidneys contained numerous tumours of various

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of a perversion or weakening of the logical apparatus

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in some districts received the folk name of the frog from the

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empty uterine cavity. As a rule the emptying of the uterus when not

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well for fourteen days and afterwards lived for eight days

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same extent the Physiology of digestion circulation and respiration the

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reside would be opened up to the French Canadian practitioners We

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nostrils the mouth the oesophagus the trachea the lungs and

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fibres and producing convulsions externally and internally. We

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it. The disease is irritated by the least touch and nothmg but

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avoidance of opening the tunica vaginalis except for

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their losses in cattle than the embers of this scourge which had not

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stitntion poberty and traoma of tl gt e brain. Recent investigations show

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mention of Dolus Mendesius a contemporary veterinarian as a

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power through weakness to stand whence the legs are extended out

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ought to be theoretically well instructed in the special

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siderations evolution of the operation in Europe and America methods

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term than ten days from the date of such certificate.

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the medical mind was that form of humoral pathology which had been

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season and prevalence of N.E. winds and the cold aiTectcd

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taste and smell but of a deep green colour. The glands in their

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disposition naturelle a l erreur les fausses idees la credulite la

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to devote only a portion of their time to their professional duties may

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school of equitation and animal medicine for the whole of Eu

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he would adopt the ancient tactics and hold his thumb and fore

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Tail Lawson. The Patholog and Treatment of Diseases of

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cember 1774 and another of the 30th of January 1775

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It seems to be of little consequence whether or not

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other instances of this superstition might be given. In New

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poor it equally attacks and often casts upon the street the orphan to

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and dissolved in wine were prescribed and admhitstered by the

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