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i.e. transference but sympathy and to be distinguished from the instance of

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of the University of Toronto since 1887. He has taken an active interest

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it is impossible to withdraw the anjesthetic. A rectal

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A PPRECIATINGthe importance of the command Keep the Bowels

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completed only in time for distribution at the open

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Thomas Browne with the modem Religio Medici he states that in the

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passes urine freely. The rationale of the treatment is that the removal

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surgeon and accoucheur Adam he then took up the first instrument

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This has been cited as an instance that hair may be a substitute

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These defendants are sued for negligence or want of skill in their

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an affected horse might communicate it to a healthy one. The

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so little can be depended on respecting those uncommon occur

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appointing. Many advances however have been made during the past

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when a man of her acquaintance fell down on a sword stick and

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nearly at all times sanguinolent and fetid in all without

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Ether is objeetional in renal disease and chloroform in diabetes.

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been orderly. They have been unkindly as they say. Warm

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dangerous to risk a week s delay. To decline the present of bread

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this visitation m France. Its manifestations were similar to

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indicate that the circulation was not interfered with.

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sacrifice his personality to any particular doctrine or

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tificates exempting students from the matriculation 1 registration of

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subject to fluctuations without any apparent cause. These fluctuations

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times more common in women than in men they are also much more

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secretion independent of any pathological process. This holds

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believed that the blood of a dog will reveal a person who has

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Each of the radical mastoid operations made an uninterrupted re

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Cases of primary thyroiditis terminating in resolution are apparent

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attributed the calamity to the effect of the unburied bodies of

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MacKenzie s paper was on the Therapeutics of Mental Diseases while

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to be complete you must make an exploratory incision this procedure

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by a prominent physician that there was no pus there

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it round with a cloth plaster and cloth should remain till the

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remarks The most dangerous disease is small pox which history

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had a just perception of their nature pronounced their opinions which

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those of hsematogenic origin. Doubtless ray case was of the second class

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activity are remembered. The other species are the ewe goat

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After it had killed many horses and cattle it began to show

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formed by the left vagus the left Esophageal ple nts

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crobes is greatly to be deprecated and by no one is

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were without them apparently was the value of their services recogni

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oxen killed by the plague in the preceding year and also

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closed J the mouth and nostrils exhaled a repulsive smell the

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in Austria. Epizodty among Horses near Turin. Death of Geese at

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brane appeared on the conjunctiva in thirty six hours

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spicuous for detecting diseases which otherwise would

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University are recognized by the several colleges and licensing bodies in

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inadequate height and capacity and the carelessness of stoking and

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Anoual College fees 100 Hospital perpetual ticket 34 Hospital for

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ened the whole plant within eight days. A very extensive

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distention of the common duct acting much as a diverticulum of the

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report which showed that the receipts had totalled fJ 7 439 and the

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of scientific truth thereto in his wonderful allegor

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intense itching with smarting. It resists all treat

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even in some places hereditary the son succeeds the father if

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were these T. To diminish the general inflammation and

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dense wide vapour with all its peculiarities all those I have

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infallibly ward off rheumatism is a common belief in North

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Plague so called of our own days. In a curious poem entitled

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only many times more toxic but also so unstable that they will stand

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man or the lower animals have shown themselves have never much

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wrote Mrs. Johnston. This protracting slow consuming illness will I

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patient and splint should generally lie flat on mat

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Careful examinations can generally detect portions where there are fine

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defend it against its admission. All the supposedly preservative methods

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ject must necessarily be unsatisfactory in many re

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regret to him that Dr. Drysdale did not have an op

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ance of nuts. TTie cattle were without keepers in Ireland in | Resources | Privacy | Disclaimer
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