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strength or the force of circulation. Must it not then in proportion

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hold the introduced molecule whether it be a bacterial cell or a nutritive

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erally. The feet become enlarged swollen and suppurate. The

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that in simple fractures from the granulation tissue

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and a disease broke out amongst cattle which nearly destroyed

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not do this for all classes we object to any discrim

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quantity of fluid exudes containing various forms of epithelial

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tagious diseases seized the people those residing in the country

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even for weeks or months. In some instances the disease lies midway

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usually present and apparently in a decline in the normal inhibitive

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furrowing the peritonaeum along the remainder of its

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the surface next the bodies of the vertebrae posterior

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By Dr. Baillie s widow the cane was presented to the

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medical college or to advance its supposed interests.

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investigate and report upon the malady. These men having

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the presence or absence of gall stones or inflammatory conditions of the

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usual manner. In addition certain cases have proved

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numerous engravings mostly after the Author s Icones Physiologicae. The THIR D

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swollen neck in Sussex a snake is drawn nine times across the

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