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peculiarly Marsupial animal if they offered different

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remark that some of the later outbreaks of what was supposed to

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Dr. Paul of Sebringville cut his hand severely a short time ago

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ment of proper methods of relief and this delay results in complications

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sanitary conditions. In the face of such a fact one would think there

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or parsimony of Nature for the fields were sufficiently clothed

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among cattle at Fossano near Turin j and in March of this year

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Although many distinguished medical authorities are opposed to

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Rhine. Earthquakes were felt in Italy and comets and meteors

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dug in a meadow and into this the little sufferer from whooping

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her throat several diphtheritic patches were found on

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mastitis is however nothing like as common as galactogenous.

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but the scanty scraps of experience and their own hardy resolution

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more familiar with the conduct of affairs in our general hospitals will

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Bfer and spirits There is not much difference as to the deleterious

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to the Retjuirements of the Science and Art Department

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when he subscribes for a 50 cent journal he will get

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replace it. All attempts to produce tumors either by transplantation or

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lion. He was Major of No. 4 Field Hospital Company of the Army

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hope to destroy or rather exterminate the mos uito but by removing

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more vicious aspects of this sin if it cannot prevent it altogether. And

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Diseases of Children Practical Pathology and Bacteriology with special

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Europe among cattle. In this year a great slaughter of cattle

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that the daylight was obscured by them and they were crushed

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patient suffered from a double compound fracture of

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jority of instances he will find himself unable to tell with precision

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death and against the staggers for three dew lalls against the

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The cut section has a peculiar appearance the lobules being very

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clinical investigations which lent dignity to the labours of former gen

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According to Wirth the epizootic contagious pleuro pneu

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divested of every particle of furniture the carpets cur

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common sense demands for the cure of animals as well as for

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prejudices the head office against the applicant if the medical officer

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and uneventful recovery. Radiography showed the bullet in the mus

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part in rendering milk and meat unfit for human food. The con

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pleural cavity filled with serum. As symptoms of great distress were

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Ross County Medical Society. Gustavus Scott Franklin.

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In other countries the disease was observed in 1889 by Esser

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were according to the Practice of Paul Barbette 1675 good for

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cated above the conception of hire began to dominate our tales

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exery ease where resalts may be reasonably expected and in many cases

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instruments to guide their course and the early investigators in medi

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Epidemics of the Middle Ages translated by Dr Babinelon and published by the

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upon a wrong conception of liberty. The State is constantly interfering

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The Clemesha prize in clinical theiapeutics is awarded for the highest

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The acid ions cause acid intoxication by carrying the ammonium.

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falsehood is well illustrated in the tale of Sinbad

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tients. It is due to the latter as without it he can

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rexerunt. No9 quoque in Illyrico exulea patriaCj Gothorum

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ing mortal bad for days after it would have made your heart

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land. Perhaps the disease had its origin from both sources

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infection of this dreadful distemper among the cow kind was

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infection likely to become. Normal bile is sterile and organisms are not

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urine was frequent among horses of which they died in two

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draw special attention to a large fiery ball or comet which

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no lack of good original contributions during the re

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rise and fall of temperature effects of sewers impure

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event that had ever befallen mankind. This year it spread

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in the wake house were not surprised to see him join them.

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toothache will be noticed but the mention of the three angels

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were there any particular diseases prevalent in mankind when

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et nimiam scabiem. Plague in mankind in Illyria and Italy

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sometimes rainy. Towards the autumn there was thunder and

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common slowness and unwillingness to move there was but little

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Some moments before death the animal fell as if apoplectic and

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urine and cold sweats those so affected for the most part die.

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well seeming in no way distempered. I have not seen in any

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reported. A man a railroad employee had slipped on a large iron nut.

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production of force. The urea excreted by an active adult in 24 hours

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meat or snails and then burying the meat or causing the death

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educate the professional and public mind to a knowl

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often liable to attacks of suffering and is always dan

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nerves and the coarser tissue of muscles but we have

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has hitherto baffled our science and is a standing

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are presented by purely anatomical investigation and to what gross and

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and obetrusiveness of supposed higher knowledge too little to reasoning

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hold genius alarmed the threshold of a happy and an honorable home

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as bearing chemically the same relation to the composed as follows

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