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lishing a branch of his office in such close proximity
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action of the liver or the hopeful view phthisical patients have of their
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has an explanation which was no doubt regarded as perfectly
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at birth but within twenty four hours became much cyanosed and died
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ticity of the rubber causes it to resile towards the
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the 6r8t stage of cirrhosis enlarged tender etc. Fourth enlarged abdo
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latter its most valuable produce were the cause of continual
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when he was examined for Blank Company but if you show him the
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letter dated July 19 1834 he writes to Professor Silliman that he had
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ally liable to measles that is to entozoa and the accounts fre
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the great number of sheep which die daily the wool peels off
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rapid. At Cairo the camels are lodged in great enclosures open
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Tibetans sometimes migrates in swarms like the X.ap and lemming from Tibet
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external spirit should be able to point out a person who has
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central nucleus to contain the regenerative power which is characteristic
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than once The Marquis de Courtivron says that this dis
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the dog. The dog s death at once removed clanger of any new
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medically and of those which are not. This difference of event
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cnuimh a worm gives half the name of toothache which is
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seat of the approximation of the divided ends omen
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and some days afterwards all the walls throughout were white
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Post morteui. On section of the udder soon after death the
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great deal of good though these measures have been far from perfect.
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been also recognised by Bang Kitt Hess Borgeaud Guillebeau
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at the time sufficient attention. The eye ball is hard


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