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Turquoise Parakeet

Turquoise Parakeet

Status: Least Concern
Classification: Birds
Scientific Name: Neophema pulchella

The scientific name for Turquoise Parakeet is Neophema pulchella, it is usually found in eastern Australia specifically in northeastern Victoria to NSW and Queensland. Their normal length is about (20 cm) 7.9 inches and their weight is approximately around 40 g (1.5 inches). They come in bright yellow colour with green crowns. Their wings vary from dark blue to turquoise. Male parakeets have bright blue faces, cheeks and foreheads. Their wings have red patches on both sides. The colour of a female parakeet is duller and paler than the males and the red patches on their wings are uneven.

Turquoise parakeets are often found on valleys, rocky ridges, river-flats and rolling hills. They drink water once a day, usually in the morning before going out to look for food. They eat seeds from grass, plants and shrubs. They also eat fruits and flowers. Most parakeets are found in pairs.

Male Turquoise Parakeet

Breeding parakeets occur between August and January and more usual in September. The incubation period lasts for about 18 days.

The existence of turquoise parakeet is threatened due to loss of habitat. A recovery plan has been prepared to maintain and protect its habitat for possible survival.

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