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vitriol vinegar amp c. when given as preservatives against the contagion

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ently dieted. We cannot therefore but subscribe to the general

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one think of pneumonia. The presence of consolidation rusty sputum

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in the Netherlands. Warenfel s note If the superstitious

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cal position meteorological conditions nor geological character

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They shall receive their appointment by invitation of

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women draw the magical water which if used in cooking

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lady missionaries I obtained consent to operate. The invagination was

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Hieropolis and Laodicea. Six hundred sheep were killed in Italy

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approved by Matthiolus repeated by Alderovandus I began to

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ing the very practical importance of giving us at least a perfectly certain

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year s lambs already six or eight months old and in a condition

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east of Scotland it is considered unlucky to meet a black cat at

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for the murrain the contagion of which will otherwise spontaneously

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another occasion he wfites All were out with the dawn and then

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later period frequently and carefully tested. Venel Professor of

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was not used. My impression is that tobacco was resorted to

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institution of an operation by which thousands of fair loomen hereto

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swept the plain the homestead and the stable of their occupants pre

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might better be in his room. Any serious attempt in this direction in

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The above is the heading of a leading article in the British Medical

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the contagious distemper has been brought twice into Essex

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The second proposition pertains to the presence or absence of gall

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Occipital bone of a young Boar shewing its division

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fection and recovered in greater numbers when seized with it than those which

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wizard desired in reality to fall upon the original for as Sir

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Tt f R President and Gentlemen About two years ago I read a

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ing food barley gruel and enemas. Its cause is owing to too

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under the instruction of the Association where such

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where although in all probability it is generally the same

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intelligent study of the things of the past and intelligent study

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to remark in a kind of literary stage whisper that his majesty

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healthy full blooded with good family history except that seven mem

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age tubes through this last opening was removed and

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the purpose the skin itself may sometimes be inverted

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this fact should be considered. The prognosis is improved in late years.

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see clearly why Bryce the pedlar in Sir Walter Scott s Pirate

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coroner is investigating the institution and its sur

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called Werlpen between Furness and Newport about four

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during life. In return the welfare of these animals is carefully

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being also much infiltrated. In sections stained with methyl blue | Resources | Privacy | Disclaimer
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