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Tasmanian Tiger

Tasmanian Tiger

Status: Extinct
Classification: Mammals
Scientific Name: Thylacinus cynocephalus
Date Listed as Endangered:June 2, 1970

Also known as Thylacinus cynocephalus or Tasmanian wolf, this species belongs to the family of marsupials and is native to Tasmania. Its appearance resembles a striped coyote. Their normal length measures about 152 cm (5 feet). They have short and thick coat with light brown colour and 13 to 19 dark stripes across the lower back. Their normal weight is about 20 to 25 kg (44 to 55 lbs).

The colour of their face is gray with white markings around their eyes. They also have long canines which is similar to those of dogs.

The Tasmanian Tiger

Tasmanian tigers prefer grasslands for their habitat. They are nocturnal in nature and feed on small birds, wallabies and other small mammals. Breeding usually occurs during spring time.

Threats to the existence of this species is caused by habitat destruction, disease and overhunting. A preservation program has been set up in Southwestern Tasmania hoping possible survivals among individuals.

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Tasmanian Tiger Tasmanian Tiger  
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