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dismal accounts from several parts of the kingdom that besides
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Sologne. Pestilence in Russia and Poland. Mvriads of locusts
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every six hours give the oily drench if a purging comes on give
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with honor standing in any one subject of the course or
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other s coats or whatever else was within their reach rather
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necessary to take away the blood from veins which were not
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Fever is a frequent symptom in all forms of disease of the gall
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the medical curriculum. Disea.ses of the mind are practically taught by
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sician and naturalist. Professor Schacht of Harderwyk wrote to
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far distant from the fire as for instance in the districts of
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omit the annual dinner for this year. Nevertheless
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ripheral ends of the sensory nerves. Ergot dulls or
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Dr. Sylvester Snedden and Miss Jessie Rattray of Pembroke were
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has been followed to apply to the wound the hair of the dog
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Treatment. The administration of nitro glycerine or the inhalation
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cloud very like a ship. The apparition was believed at the time
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scriptions we have direct testimony that the small pox of sheep
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Laxfield in Suffolk. It would appear that it was confined to
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leakage should it occur and the usual operation completed with the
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as other mishaps would affect domesticated and feral creatures no less
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or by a lighted match which is kept there for a time
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this young destructive brood did not withhold from what was
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