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to the influenza then reigning as an epidemy was derived from

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College examinations may be held at the end of each session by the

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absorbable and it should be removed in a few days after operation. The

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nonpyogenetic ascending cholangitis from the common duct and intestine

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at no time has the temperature of the patient risen

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one twentieth of a degree centigrade. The form of mental activity

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teal space is lost upon the inner and posterior part

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transgressed. It caused great havoc among cattle in many

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Neither is this sign of a peripneumony less familiar to a plague

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tiaraes and as is known lymph is loaded with the products of tissue

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frequently used by old women for shingles herpes. It was

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brethren to officiate for him. Compliance with this

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examined since the time of Margagni. but it was the genius ot Broca

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by contrast with the other glands if the animal is not suckling

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patient drink the water after bathing the part affected

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Virchow is dead and with his passing is broken the last link between

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in Dr. Gould s inimitable style. We can very cordially recommend the

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of successful cases will follow a single resection even

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not until the reading matter is examined that the real value of the

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We have now advanced so far in the history of epizootic

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which is irksome both to head office though they have typewriters at

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sheep. In Istria and Dalmatia epizootics of malignant peripneu

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The medical faculty of the University of Bishop s College is now in

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institution of an operation by which thousands of fair loomen hereto

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Holland blazed out anew and with all its dreaded fury in this

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attracted his attention and he decided upon it as his

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Mackall Hamilton E. Leach Thomas Eugene Mc Vrdle Ed

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informed it would keep the nightmare away. Water in which

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Cases of primary thyroiditis terminating in resolution are apparent

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dilatation of certain groups of acini and the presence of cysts.

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says this writer which gave rise to the disorder and was the

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are not removed a hypertiophic condition of the turbinals especially the

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Histology bacteriology descriptive and practical anatomy hygiene

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well as from the proximat divided end. The Hartley operation is

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action on v etation. He sayi In the aforesaid Helsingia and provinces that

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removed omentum and then found a hole or rather the

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to ny. The stones pa sed on without difficulty and the patient made

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of medical science. How ever we must hope for the best knowing a

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soluble in both water and glycerine but insoluble in

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learns at the time nothing except that from the very first attack

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ties and work for the good of the institution and Canada

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animals which died the cellular tissue in their neighbourhood

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thoroughly impregnated by the smoke as to be unfit for eating

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ruminates very little. If about the beginning of the distemper

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sillitis only a local affection while general practition

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was in renal cysts. To prove that the cell could be

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culties of diagnosis in conditions suggesting the presence of malignant

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place For the quite extraordinary honors that have been conferred on

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Primary resection of portions of the intestinal tube

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met with some particulars of the murrain during the reigns of

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the Victoria General and Nova Scotia Hospitals when cases of unusual

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ease or the existence everywhere of special groups of men to treat it

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iibertragen der krankheit auf baume d.h. auf den geist der in

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many is still having in this very district. His return from Silesia

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say the leech books make three marks of Christ one on the

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died at Wallaceburg on Saturday Jan. 17th. For a number of years the

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ditures belonging to the publication of the Journ. l

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cattle by communication. Those who attributed it to a para

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As twelve days appear fi om the above ven reasons to be fully

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supplies of cattle and oxen from those regions in which the disease

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are scarcely inflamed there is little or no suppura

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The third part of the programme was carried out in the dining

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considered very unlucky in the Midland Counties and to see a

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in the best authorities who have written on the contagion and

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this rather disconnected address to a close. I cannot however close with

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noble minded man. Dr. Palmer Howard it would ill become me I say

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Wilson because he suspected cancer of the uterus. Dr. Wilson has had

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at least one third of its entire surface. The gall bladder contents were

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compact and the leaves closely adherent while all were of great

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or cold in general a discharge of a serous fluid from the nostrils

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ting better being those complicated with bronchitis

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there is always in the normal condition a space be

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