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Hamburg which is of little extent on the side of Danish Hol

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pital Greenwich Lecturer on Bacteriology London School of Tropical Medicine

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toria Hospital on March 4th 1902 complaining of headache together with

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Piper by A. D Shirres Montreal Degeneration of Spinal Cord in

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kinds of remedies Pallas was confirmed in his opinion that the

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and fundus of the bladder. Added to this cause there would also seem

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Mouth Disease in Silesia. Influenza in Mankind and Horses in

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bert Carroll Morgan James E. Morgan DeWitt C. Patterson

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that that malady always follows the sickness in cats is seriously

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with costs aa against both defendants. I order and direct that after

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Transverse section of temporary cartilage in the first

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did with great gravity and it seemed to mc to be an ugly

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lion. He was Major of No. 4 Field Hospital Company of the Army

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its restriction and prohibition by law would inevita

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be taken to break these down. There is usually a portion of

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his father also a physician and settled in Glengarry county His early

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though there is little notice of it. The disease generally ran ita

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of Lower Dauphine and in a part of Vivarais were apparently

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minute points of haemorrhage were found all over the stomach wall.

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write to caution me that the disease might be conveyed long dis | Resources | Privacy | Disclaimer
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