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According to Jensen it belongs to the group of coli and

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the bitch in which animal as well as the mare carcinoma and

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both among men and animals to point out the best modes of securing

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Van Harrevelt all observed the disease and have published articles

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and he begins his examination into the facts he works along the line

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have it always with them in going round their hospitals. Medical Gazette.

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the dead and dying creatures and had eaten them were attacked

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Homer does not forget to indicate the cause or the probably

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five to nine inches in circumference. Cattle suffered very much.

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the measles and small pox of man and Camper asserted that it

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victim from injury before had been absent or unfriendly. Such

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round a Lancashire child s neck would soon cure whooping

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a gallows worn in a bag round the neck were reputed to cure

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contains so m.uch larger proportions of the digestive principle diastase than

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during the year. Esthonia and Livonia were so visited. In the | Resources | Privacy | Disclaimer
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