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erroneously believed that it conid be cured only by bleeding and

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breeding of this useful creature had to be discontinued. They also

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an epidemic under their wings were found ulcerated pustules

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This description is the same as was given by Franck in 1875

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able a prognosis should not be given to asthmatics simply because they

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and later a snnilar one in the Cincinnati College of

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non prestigious ridiculously expensive eastern medical school. The

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Teutonic Languages. Forming a Supplement to Researches

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Cornevin in an article dated 1876 states that he has been told

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ligament was involved in it and the surface cut away

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Evidently if the neurons are functionally active their dendritic processes

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the body thus being pysemic as well. In one the streptococcus was found.

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tule by the Romans and mentioned by Marcus Columella to be

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right breast with involvement of the skin glands and left breast ovario

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road made for him and frequently copies and imitates well the work of

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During the latter stages of labor we should endeavor

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with the disease or escape the contagion when exposed to it. For

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ledge much harm can be done and one which in recent years has

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war. Thucydides and Lucretius mention that birds were rare dogs

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and ingenuity progress and prosperity began and today we are success

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Should a student of medicine in centuries hence ask who first per

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sometimes attained by men who would almost appear to have had an

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a transverse symmetrically bowed incision with its convexity downward

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this intent in view there will be presented to you the

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effected for the Perth Kirk Session Record of 1623 bears witness

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Nevertheless the author in the light of recent research has made num

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vital economy against the effects of them. The giving wine in our

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so being available in cases with uric acid diathesis. Among these are

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Cockayne gives a poem descriptive of this eldest of worts

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this nervous strength or gives tension to the fibres increases those mo

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his professional brother. The Society comes in here as a

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their utdization by means of shallow sophistries as

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we had neglected a study inwhich the comparative pathologist phy

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These authors have experimentally reproduced in the goat all

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remembered that some of the animal plagues are readily transmissible

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at Carlsbad. They thus differ from certain other salts which though

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the usual time and moreover that the summer of 1718 caused

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as clinical lecturer. He has also represented Trinity Medical College on

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published regularly for many years and their excellence is universally

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ecmditions likely to cause phthisis the diffusion of leaflets nod suitable

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complete it is one which I claim the merit of first

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disease. In most modern civilized countries phthisis causes more deaths

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clearly enforces the rule of not disturbing the track

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January which prevented agricultural operations. In September

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ber killing a number of people. From December an epizooty

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roughly printed and creased as by much folding is still sold to

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varied from the type and become monstrosities and monstrosities

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pletely filling the right nasal cavity and closing the

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stomachs that might otherwise have that effect it will of course pass

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theria and streptococcic scarlet fever and diphtheria. Dr. Webster said

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blood corpuscles these creatures when examined individuaily appear as transparent

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removed omentum and then found a hole or rather the

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intheregionof thelower jaw andalong the neck a pulse more firm

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tion. But the fact is added the sagacious Lancisi that in

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Followed by a great famine effusion of blood and death among

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of this interval it re assumed its former virulency and mortality

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M. Trasbot divides the disease into acute and chronic.

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home which was about a mile and a halt his way lying through

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away the evil spirits. The Finns invoke the sun by the name of

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Saxons adopted a mountain goat s brain drawn through a

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adjuvant an anti spasmodic mixture of tilia and valer

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