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Short-necked Turtle

Short-necked Turtle

Status: Least Concern
Classification: Reptile
Scientific Name: Emydura subglobosa
Date Listed as Endangered: June 2, 1970

Also known as Pseudemydura umbrina, this species belongs to the family of reptiles. They are considered as the most critically endangered reptile in Australia. They have flattened and square-shaped shell which varies from yellow-brown to black colour. They have paler undershell with black spots.

Short-necked turtles have large bony plate on their head. Their neck is very short and covered with horny tubercles. Their feet are clawed and their legs are covered with bony plates. Their normal length measures 15 cm (6 inches). Adults normal weight measures 550 grams (19 ounces). Male short necked turtles are bigger than females.

The Short-necked Turtle

Short-necked turtles are found in scattered areas of Swan Coastal Plain in Australia. They prefer swallow swamps as their habitat. Most swamps contain shrubs that form canopies above the water. Mating occurs during winter.

Short-necked turtles reduced in number and their population declined from 250 to below 20 today. Threats are identified as loss of habitat due to agricultural purposes. A recovery plan has been developed by the Australian government to protect and preserve existing individuals.

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