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bacteria of various kinds. The latter view is supported by Goodale who

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diseased states. Iodine and arsenic enter into these combinations in the

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the sacrifices the individual must make for the State.

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symptoms. The bowels had not moved for three days. There had been

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of August after an absence in England of several months.

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communicated from animals to mankind. In Holland in

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many countries the lower animals were suffering from disease.

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cause of this disease arises from infected cattle being driven from

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the British Museum it is recorded Maelduin Mac Ciarmaic

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of the Association at each next succeeding meeting.

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nomine tuo Deus misereatur nobis Domine Deus Inclina

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need of a life long progressive personal training and secondly the danger

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sages and is a product of the disintegration of their protoplasm. He

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by long continued rains after a severe winter and inundations.

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Exhibition Chairman Teasdall Tillmann Thompson Clive H.

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Kingston. He commenced practice in Samia in partnership with the | Resources | Privacy | Disclaimer
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