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is unnecessary if the washing out is thorough. Dr. Ferguson said that

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inspiration brings out as it were designs traced before hand in sympa

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disorder is the absorption of poison into the blood of

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with peptone and salt added and made alkaline by the addition of Sodium

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smuggling vessels from Martinico. An eruption of Vesuvius.

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series of transplantations which were carried through forty and eight

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period is shorter still. The same author injected a virulent culture

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ter of great importance. It is not safe to include ci

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this eye. The muscles of the eye were for a time paralized showing

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that thrift which eagerly seeks to get things for less

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to walk about perfectly well. In discussing these cases Dr. Stewart

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and more cruelly to cure ague string nine or eleven snails on

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the depravity of the humours in consequence of the want of a supply

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Dr. John R. Stone Superintendent of the Parry Sound Hospital

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Code which in effect proposes to degrade the medical

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and the rains were so frequent and heavy that rivere everywhere

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the sputum the sputum can be easily destroyed and disinfected and if

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wound. A large quantity of yellow serosity was Found in the cavity

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tato rot occurred in Ireland. It was believed to have been causfed

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off in condition when it was noticed that her teats were enlarged

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young children. The weather was cold and wet. An epizooty

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tying off the whole herniated portion of the bladder if the unmodified

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Ramazzini and other physicians were of opinion that the

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to leave it to persons of calmer judgment to decide

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made clear the two ways by which as he says reason may detect

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their most priceless treasures their own noble heroic

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oomcalar adhesions the occasional use of a catheter and the frequent use

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indeed the only good sign they had was the vehemence of their

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For the history of this remarkable invasion of Spain we will

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velopment of cartilage. Hence it is evident that the

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bits of beef and milk in whisky which he ate greed

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tion tissue the lateral sinus was also widely exposed pus had extended

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from the bottom of the sea between that country and Iceland

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this pure spastic spinal paralysis but there is a family form where it

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Island of Lewis two hundred years afterwards made a bold

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Any factory furnace which does not consume its own smoke consti

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Protestant Orphan Home the Convalescent Home the Aged People s

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however that the transverse mesocolon must have been enormously

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medicaments are the astringent febrifuge gummous parts of vegeta

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pared them were unanimous in saying it was the same pest

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uterus and it is singular that the functions of the

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The onset is occasionally immeiliately after the tapping but usually

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that may be produced must be obtained directly by employing the organ

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Pelvic Organs Disorders of Menstruation and Sterility.

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armies necessitating droves of cattle being drawn from the regions

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than six hundred years ago in the reign of Edward IV. an

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The veterinary art was progressing though amp r more tardily than

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was a good deal of vascularity of the cornea and in

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I have had no experience with the hot snare and cannot see the

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Majendie infei s and as it appears to me Water 98.564

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other carefully and slowly withdraws the canula from

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which led me to think an exploratory incision wise. This was made

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November and lasting till the nth May. Pestilential and cold

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Prognosis. The prognosis of a tumour depends on its nature

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ling and in closing the right eye. There was no involvement of the

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with ipecacuanha coffee and tartar emetic. When the move

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keeping off the dashings of dirt to be buttoned close under their

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tirst place I maintain in agreement with several writers whom I have

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that no fluids capable of becoming disorganized may

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presumptive evidence of professional abilities and ac

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Nomiandy small pox in sheep was rife. In Bavaria and Suabia

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philosophically demonstrates the influence of the larger domesticated

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stones were not suspected as the cause in recent attacks the pain was

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Dr. Harold L. Hunt of London has been appointed by a competi

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occurred her aid was called in. The men and women of Zennar

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