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him. On examination I found marked tenderness about the so called

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maijorum were enjoined because not only did they favour the

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smaller amount is needed to satisfy hunger and keep

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sufficient to apjjease hunger or to maintain a good

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By means of the syphon action of the drainage tube

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early and with care would effect a cure in most cases.

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the fluid contents vary being sometimes a clear yellow serum at

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Colour Number and Influence of the Sun and Moon. In per

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teen animals died out of every twenty attacked that there had

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further take an active interest in their national organization.

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had the disease it is safe afterwards whereas Vicq d Azyr en

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parietal pleura along a surface extending backward from the axillary

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whenever an animal was affected by any of these pests it imme

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introduced by a canal. In summer when these marshes are

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fallen here than in other parts of the country and these imparted

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the cattle as in the human.plague not every one who takes the

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generally incomplete and manipulation will allow of the growth

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and petty persecutions on account of his advanced ideas. I will not

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which might furnish safe evidence as to his mental conceptions

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of the Balliage of Pinnenberg contiguous to the territory of

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conjuncta esse quam in novilunio ubi cerebrum magis subsidet

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warm and moist. The excessive moisture of the winter this

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among moorfowl and in Silesia and Alsace deer sufiered much.

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have taken special pains to examine this volume with very great care. The

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When there has been a long standing congestion the mucous membrane

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than a century later to furnish a bone of contention to medical

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time immense swarms of what were called small flying worms

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spirit of his disease. The Stiens of Cambodia make night and

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and that such practice is to be deplored. With a still further experience

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form of Chauvinism. Can we.say as English French German or Ameri

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suspended on account of the ducts and acini being choked up.

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ing to carry out this object is about to be held at the

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A.D 1389 March 5th rose a sore and terrible wind which

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easy to close and barricade a stable than a mountain. There re

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the 5th of February a dense black cloud hung over Calabria

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pends the working of the quantitative tests for sugar

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of these creatures to eastern countries have frequently induced

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cornea and a considerable liquification of the vitreous rendering an

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animals which died the cellular tissue in their neighbourhood

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regard to value and during the year that there was a madness

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school of equitation and animal medicine for the whole of Eu

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many died in a short time. On opening the dead bodies the

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parently ulcerated bad smelling discharges from the nostrils no

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were very frequent amongst them and obstinate inflammations

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a beetle may fly against her and be caught. When it is caught

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Plaster of Paris can do irreparable mischief in a few

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influenced. Nevertheles.s as a French alienist has recently pointed out

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Not obtaining much relief he consulted two American specialists who

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pages as well as to their editors. This will encourage

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Contagious Mastitis in the Cow not caused by the Streptococcus. 62

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adequate substitute for the Peruvian bark and though they have a de

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some bread. In spite of this treatment however the child died.

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Its noble ancestry. Like everything else that i.s good and durable in

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rivers. Everywhere the cattle died from thirst around dry foun

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Ad priorem classem spectat curatio vulnerum morborum

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against evil speaking lying and slandering. The bitterness is when the

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invariably be depended upon to disarrange the digestion at least.

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cattle disease is said to consist in making the cow in company

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weeks later the abdomen was opened peritoneum pushed back ureters

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