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appeared though in the year after it had disappeared they all
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after having obtained all they could from their alma mater they should
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ature all kinds of grain grew to so great a height and luxuriance
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the borders of Czierko and leaving the Germans alone had sought
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retained for a woman who had been completely cured by the
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less apt to take so readily to the proprietary nostrums.
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address in full specifying in what capacity he attends
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At the end of three or four days the patient became
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and spoilt forage After the small pox of sheep I know
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see the patient and prescribe but if it be the con
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secured in cases where deep tissue effects are desired.
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operation in fact the patient was apparently thrown into a critical con
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be admitted to fairs or markets sold or exchanged without a
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cle the fact that an organization has been effected looking towards this
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There was intraglandular suppuration and in certain cases the
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the attitude of mind of the general practitioner in each province rests
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spread itself equally among cows which have lain in the fields
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In the month of September arrording to Kanold the disease
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trust almost entirely to external remedies. The author takes just excep
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increase in the size of the hernia with increasing probability of strangu
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ation the filaria embryos entirely disappeared from the blood and the
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fish died in many pools and numbers of trees withered. The
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accounts for the fact that in these animals tumours are more fre
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thee preserve thou my sbeep and so on. After that they use the
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to necessitate their correction before the tubes will remain normally
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some act of overlook which has been attributed to her.
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lieve hopelessly divided amongst themselves and we must go on with
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plain of her extremities becoming stiff and cramped. By this time she
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Dr. Hutchison has taken up his re.sidence in the house lately occu
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cine is an ever progressing science and he who does
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whence the scantiness and high price of provisions in the year
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they also find time to write long articles for medical
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suppression of the milk the appetite was greater than before in
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private institution two years later. Dr. Mead was a
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If formation of an abscess is suspected nothing can supersede
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wall of the orbit and had entered the sphenoidal fisnura The optic
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brain near theethmoidbone and the galUbladder very distended
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fatal in their results. The position of the points of
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tube at the seat of operation was patulous and nearly
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son Maclean Meaford lost one of its most esteeme citizens. About a
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Since the last public announcement of subscriptions received for
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of their regular daily work. Unquestionably medical
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any birds rashly appear in these lands nor did the wild beasts
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President of the Senate and Speaker of the House of
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the exterior to the posterior raphes of the scrotum
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on Surgical Anatomy we can imagine that their surprise would be
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ing biliary secretions one or other of the following
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value of naphthaline as a soothing and antiseptic ap
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infect the party. The simplicity of this cure has recommended
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prescribed produced tolerable results sometimes but in other
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visitors were entirely free from it the simple contact of civilised
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ially from the other contagious and infectious diseases in the fact that it
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generated spontaneously. In the months of March and April
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inating Committee presented the report of this committee. LoLdon
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more cordial where greater symptoms of weakness appear a proportion
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empyema of the gall bladder he does not advise removal of the gall
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was the work of a deity because they confined themselves within
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be by the aid of comparative folk lore is at least one reason
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powers settled in the person of a witch or a medicine man enabled
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usually result in death and consequently are not permissible. These
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The beef extracts require some attention. The extracts as such are
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thus we find that his experiences in the Silesian Typhus epidemic not
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difference in the duration of the beat of the heart re
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In the bitch repeated blows are a common source of chronic
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scripts presented to or acquired by the Association
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white colour and thickly covered with ulcers and indurations
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removed and was presented for examination. It showed a tear on the
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or six months the horse is immunized taking many hundreds of times the
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all matters for his judgment and opinion and such opinions honestly and
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diseased condition of the cartilages of the larynx 120
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June 14 1884 and ordered to relieve.Vugust 28 1884 Cap
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instance occurred in my practice recently in which I removed with a cold
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scattered from one end of the province to the other graduates as loyal
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ghosts of suicides are distinguished in China by wearing red
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mouth a micrococcus or plant that cannot be distin
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many ways and how far the pestilential virus may be carried by
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making use of a continuous Lembert suture employing fine silk. Other
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fenugreek madder roots grass roots borse radisb bay leaves mustard
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