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side about two inches from median line. The calibre
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Essex Xorth District. Oliver S. Lovejoy George Mont
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breeding of this useful creature had to be discontinued. They also
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In the parish of Culdaff county Donegal an infant at its
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Our readers will be glad to hear that Dr. Jamieson South Grey s
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done by the upper road in broad day light and with greater certainty.
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Science Louisiana State University and A. and M. College Veterinarian to
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That the Egyptians were acquainted with the Veterinary Art
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But what place can Folk Medicine claim in the great book
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of the profession at large. The President of the Association of American
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cord the germs are dead but that the immunizing substances remain
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these people work and live 2 to their ignorance of and indifference to
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Schnurrer writes The year 1663 was a very damp one in
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At the end of the second session a standard work on medicine 10
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much impeded by severe coughing spells frothy white expectoration ir
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great majority of persons suffering from affections of the biliary
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due to toxic absorption. The main diseases to be considered in differen
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tance. This being generally recognized the presence
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