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main stomach enables him to study the effects of the passage of food

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a corresponding febrile heat. Thirst was very great the excre

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anatomists and the surgeons know how valuable this feature of such

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Baltimore Medical and Surgical Society. Daniel Webster

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Its adaptability here is patent. But before long it

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is accompanied by stretching and degenerating changes in the fundus of

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doubt derived from internal sources but it is also conveyed by the

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we may perhaps deprive them of an audience by teaching the public that

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man because it rotted those deer sheep lambs hares and conies

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particularly in the writings of M. Boui elat who has made the

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cut before the lower and that until the child is three months old

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well as that obtained from the frog coagulated 1000 00

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operation as the most troublesome and said the evil should as far as

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curs during an epileptic attack there seems to be no

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destroyed many horses. The Military Train horses particularly

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was normal or subnormal. In the first class there was a tendency to

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seeing him gat him in amies and held him quhairvpon the

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collected in that work have been utilized. Any that are original serve

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much. An observer in Africa in the neighbourhood of Bonny

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environs of Naples and Rome Army horses suffered very

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the general exi erience of neurologists that neuras

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urination. Iodine is a more efficient deodorizer than

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solid contents. Evidently there was a condition of chronic obstruction

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putrid fevers were very common in mankind in many countries.

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common knowledge of the people and we find that back in the dark

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have personally proved efficacious in the majority of cases. Besides

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over the country but more especially in the neighbourhood of

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defeat the intention of it. It therefore highly merits the consideration

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abdominal cavity an assistant with a hand in each flank pressed the

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aquam mitten tes suis per haec mfirmis multum commodi

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wart goes with you a cure will soon follow.f In Donegal the

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La Gitanilla he tells of a young man who was approaching a

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blow a fall or a mysterious thrust from nature could at once

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marked in some manuscript chronicles. In 1618 a disease

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in Spain was attributed to the use of fruit and snow water.

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pleases in adjusting the data of sociology. No thinker or writer

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The contention was advanced that arterio selerosis was a result

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visible changes occurring in muscle during contrac

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change having taken place or from some other cause a trying

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Following a resection of three or four inches of bowel

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iu all the periods of the disease. There is evidently the same objection

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inevitably suffer from the lack of efficient and capable criticism while at

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about 50 years of age. He was regarded as a high authority on

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The League for the Prevention of Phthisis in Montreal is pushing

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affecting whole regions such as inclemency of season or scarcity of

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on the left thigh. When the German peasant hears the

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nation become the devils of their conquerors or successors. The

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