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fected milk. Defective drainage may be a cause for poor health and
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will not save a man from drowning in the sacred Ganges the
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must be attended by nine persons each of whom passes it through
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height considerably emaciated. The abdomen is sunken and covered
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Even more simple in its method of cure must be the copy of
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tions under which their influence seemed to make it
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Together with their several Connections with each other and with the Muscles.
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difficult to find the actual position of the centre
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Hierocles a Greek hippiatrist of whose work only three
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special poisons 2 the fungous diseases where a vegetable organism
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histology general and medical chemiHtry. materia medica.
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of twelve days which saves more than two thirds of the time. This
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terranean were being driven from the market of Frusino to us
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the head manifested themselves and these died in six or eight | Resources | Privacy | Disclaimer
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