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ribly offensive it could not be preserved. There was

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Lancashire a hairy caterpillar is tied round the child s neck

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butter by churning this however has been Soda from decomposed lactate 0.300

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unhesitatingly say that the practitioner as well would find a glance

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coughing. The bacilli in the dust form may retain their vitality for some

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upon the effects oflesion of the vagi upon the dif

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the iodides. While bathing this year he turned over upon his right

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held its thirty fourth annual meeting in this city

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molecular contraction and interstices through which the ansesthetic can

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be proper excepting when portions of secundines were

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When normal it prevents the introduction into the tissue of an excess of

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were dead. Active treatment saved the lives of the other four but

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for tuberculosis. They conclude that lachnanthes consists largely of a

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adjoining states and patients came to him from hundreds of miles of

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advertising pages these pages would still remain both

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neglect though veterinary medicine was yet in advance. Jor

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vas the cause of death in animals in my opinion arose from

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required and received. And again When a due and moderate supply

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human species the mortality was no greater than in the preced

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The committee on hospitals sanatoria public conveyances

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scarcity when great mortality of cattle and other animals occur

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iginally come to him complaining of dimness of vision. Examination

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of better nursing among the poor have determined to start the order

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instinctively drew near as the evening set in the time when

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and the dressings are made upon the same principles

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uterine stumps before they could again be ligated by

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the people and a fearful drought ensued which no kind of

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less probable from other experiments as well as the reason of

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deprecate the employment of forks sometimes to be seen in the lists of

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that the justices at their respective sessions had announced that

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in it for many weeks aftenvards and was not slow in attacking

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and to incur the serious displeasure of a mysterious enemy.t

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fever is high and the external parts are hot and burning the

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before the horse succumbed to the malady. This may have

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which reached another day but they were very few usually

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would hardly pass unavenged. J He regards the drowning man

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warm water by lotions or irrigations dries the surface

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and vary in size. They are soft in consistence particularly when

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about them shall never die a sudden death nor be drowned in

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minute. In all three the swelling of the cartilages

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dinary rules of surgery for the prevention of hsemor

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according to the case which is frequently sufficient to allow the

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Tail Lawson. The Patholog and Treatment of Diseases of

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can physician.s that our culture is always cosmopolitan not national that

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of the plague its excessive fatality its extreme infectiousness

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Blisters and every relay of blisters will cause you to

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there may be no evidence of their presence a very slight provoking

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of its various parts the cerebrum sensorium spinal cord and the various

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best as yet but a hypothesis. Fortunately we have a practical proof of

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that ruminating upon all the forms of disease to which it may

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ing but daring mystery and hoping for the Hesperides.

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Principles and Practice of Surgery Midwifery and Disea ses of Women

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short time allowed for the post mortem. On looking up the literature

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been thought expedient to spare a part of the iwrk and substitute for

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years previously. Some horses dropped down dead by means

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who have been engaged in this pursuit have seemed to forget wholly

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perfectly convinced that this reindeer plague was the same as

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curs during an epileptic attack there seems to be no

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was as Virchow himself says the obstacle over which he stumbled.

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mortality could be divined In the former year an un

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because I let out their secrets. Henceforth I shall never divulge

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An epizootic disease appeared among the horses this year in

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the fact that they were degenerating cells was of the greatest importance.

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autinnns in the memory of man and yet remarkably healthy.

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The temperature varied between 102 and 105 F. and the pulse

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strong smell and in the case of nymphomaniacs the meat has a

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with naked feet as the field labourers were accustomed to do

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recommend suitable measures to secure such prepara

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resection needs a much firmer hold to withstand the

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eases. Histoiy often tells us how these dismal rites were carried out.

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fevnured the production of innumerable varieties of insects. The

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olives or other fruits nor leaves on any tree. Hence a grievous

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nothing more interesting in the whole history of the subject than the

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