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Villumsen records a similar case. Perrussel also mentions a
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Some very satisfactory results were obtained in men jtrual disorders.
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quent plague in mankind and in cattle throughout Italy.
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jVJOWADAYS one can scarcely take up a medical journal without
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is almost stunned on reading this and were the author not writing on
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of human medicine. In his Treatise on the Veterinary Art
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undations which destroyed seven cities. In Egypt and Syria
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ence the discovery that this aliment is an innocent
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transverse line of 8 or 10 chromicized catgut sutures. The upper wound
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tion reduced so that the lips could be brought together. And moreover
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In parenchymatous mastitis both the epithelium and basement
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Treatment is directed to climate the poison and he places much more value
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were loudly heard some had symptoms of colic moaned and
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or by dispensary aid in their homes 5 immediate attention by medical
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horses succeeded the epidemic influenza of man in the spring
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of thirty three cases of anaesthesia but in only one was it accompanied
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various things both in tempests and in earth s fruits. And so
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vias epizoijtic amongst swine and killed a considerable number.
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friends much uneasiness. The idea that the spirit had to
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with them infected cattle as their supplies. The German writers
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another nearly nine beforeeitherapplied for relief
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disease. This knowledge is not easily acquired for often it
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Bedel in the Bulletin de la Soci t des Sciences VMrinaires de
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nut suffer from general paralysis though they often suffered from
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projecting from it are apparent these contain beneath a dense
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patient. Why the difference Why so much more danger from the
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sauve ordinairement les malades. Hippocrate porte le mfime
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but some of these perished by limine. The same symptoms
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nephritia Nevertheless in montal disorders we at times find quite as
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buendum est quod benefici ex ignorantia et malitia adscribunt vocibus. Et
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ovale patent. There was a marked stenosis of the pulmonary artery with
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horses and cattle lodged in the casemates during the siege of
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Queries in order to cure the bite of a snake pluck a few
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