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Paradise Parrot

Paradise Parrot

Status: Extinct
Classification: Birds
Scientific Name: Psephotus pulcherrimus

Paradise parrot is known as beautifully coloured birds, however they have not seen since 1927. Many people believed that some still survive. Their appearance attracts many breeders and most of them wished to keep them in aviaries.

Their plumage is very colourful. They nested in termite mounds and feed on grass seeds and plants but unfortunately most of them are unable to find enough food to eat. Paradise parrot often come in pairs or in a small group.

The Paradise Parrot

When birds become rare, many of us hoped that one day someone will discover and prove to everybody that they are not extinct. Reasons for the sudden decline of this species remains unidentified. Main factors include land clearing, forest fires, over hunting and overgrazing.

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