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of anthrax having prevailed on a most extensive scale amongst
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the germ systemic or still local Dr. Ferguson said to Dr. Hunter s
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recovery of the regular attendant and with the con
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vaselin or cosmolin are valuable as they have good penetrating powers
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for a majority of the infectious and pestilential mala
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possible to indicate a few of the excellent features of the book. The
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uterus beginning two inches below the fundus. This incision came right
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Food and milk must be in a sound condition. The intestinal canal must
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ContinenL Kanold and Lancisi s Descriptions. The Epizo6ty of
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discussion of the subject. In fractures of the patella due to tears by
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The epizootic maladies of the domestic animals but especi
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solid mcuit displace iUi owu weight of solvent. For instance a fluid
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the suprarenal gland the organism wholly loses its ability to make sugar
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tion with this form of rhinitis mention should be made that nasopharyn
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The more severe the symptoms the more they lose their localizing char
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injected liver their coats appear to consist almost
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from the minds of the official world of that day to think scientific
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better to have the work divided and take a certain amount each year.
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mingled with honey applied to the swelling would justify their
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For 1749 Rutty observes There was no rot among the sheep
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Collector of Customs for Port Rowan to succeed the late Col. Mabee and
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nitrate of silver gr. v to 5 i should save the eyes
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secum habuerit securus ambulet in pace. The custom is an
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symptoms appearances of the mammae and changes in the secre
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portrait. Dr. Richardson merits this distinction as he labored faith
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at least one third of its entire surface. The gall bladder contents were
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land Silesia and Turkey attacking one place after another in
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again after the severe attack of septicaemia which he contracted while
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tusion of the abdomen with also a lacerated wound but this second case
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Of those in whose gall bladders there are stones in a large group
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On section they are of a white semi translucent colour and in some


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