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elect its officers should be on the third or fourth
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neighbours abut too closely on our own these last should be
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muddy mettled rascal. In reading the life of Hunter of Jenner who
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advancing part whether it be of the vertex by exten
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attended the diseased animals afterwards visit other cattle in per
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tKat the object in view was to release the evil spirit which possessed
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med students and assorted others proved once again that they owned the Hahnemann
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The following may be regarded as the most important of the results
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added to the misery of their patients. Those who really in.
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origin is in the inferior division of the posterior
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instances in which menstruation has continued. This contradicts my
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sleep. On admission nothing abnormal was found in the heart lungs
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the customs which were associated with them. Completeness I
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and Oxford which has alarmed the justices of the counties of
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account for its distribution or for the anatomical and
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gonococcus may be found. The opening in the chronic form is found
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with the grip of a giant. It ended in a struggle for
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aadition amoant of residual scale heard of those hearing various vowels
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is that it pleuro pneunionia manifested itself in the years 1715
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and spring time. The physician Desmars writes Animalsand
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general epizooty among cattle in Germany. In the same year
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disease. The tripod of symptoms which prevent an error in diagnosis
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great drought during the months of August September and
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to inject fish brine every day into the nostrils in order as he
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middle of the summer of 1713 there was a rumour at Rome that
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Exclusively of the damage and loss occasioned to the fisheries by
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twelve drops of laudanum are administered I am not measuring the dose
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of a vesicle on the tongue occupying sometimes its base some
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directly around the border of the cornea is so much
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cultures the bacteria cease to grow after a time 2 some of these
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pathology of the disease is that an abscess is always due to a
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oval or rounded about O x.6 in diameter and stain badly by Gram
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believe that such could be the case. If the disease
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cattle from Hungary sent through the agency of Dalmatian
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leeches to give medicines to produce this effect and thus to save
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No wonder Scotch parents often on calm nights heard the
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called for relative to consultation with irregular prac
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for the fattest of them was seized around its feet and legs and
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muscle. Notwithstanding this fact the case was diagnosed as one of
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disease threw the corrupted intestines to his pigs these likewise
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a greater or scientific and alesser or personal. It is the latter or
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pieces of a black or sometimes dark blue colour. Disgusting
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which felt the full force of this malady. Afterwards Malta
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the popular explanation that these gifts were left as rewards for
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days for a period of several weeks. Then severe headache and optic
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decidedly contagious. Their flesh may be used and the skins pre
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those circumstances to be pronounced we may be justified in
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subjects is awarded to a graduate in arts from Lennoxville who shows the
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tion does not exist. In this way the diagnosis of cold
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In the Britisli Medical Jouinal Dec. 27th Smith and Tennant
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For the Use of Students and Practitioners in Medicine.
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swollen and looking as if ulcerated. This cavity was filled with
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Spencer that primitive man was influenced first of all by
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an epizooty and epidemy in Troy during the reign of King
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to expect the journal to continue longer. If the ex
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after discontinuing the drug. To stimulate the appetite and remove the
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fiable and consequently he resorted to digital compression. Relays of
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fected cattle should be killed without effusion of blood by
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erat quod no a tetigit nihi tetigit quod non ornavit.
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It has been urged against compulsory notification that it would
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highest stMiding in first year physiology in the second year two
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pliance with its definition before granting licenses
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young woman being burnt for having set evil eyes on a sick
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Rutty in Dublin records that It was one of the wettest
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species at least he adds I cannot altogether think that the
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same way. The parents irides as far as could be learned were normal.
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Erie County Medical Society. Albert H. Briggs Alphonse
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influence the disease being rare under 35 and most common over 50
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gerated tendon reflexes. No other symptoms are present in the cases of
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and even at that of inundations fighting for the posBession of pasturesi
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the right upper quadrant of the abdomen with some extension to the
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udders are pendulous are most exposed to injuries and this
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phoresis and thu8 aided materially in absorbint the liquid from the
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and leaves of trees and plants. In this account concerning the
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prove bis opinion of the disease and of the use of inoculation.
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Speed only says with regard to the mortality of cattle suc
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Excitability of one or more of these systems disturbs the repose of
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and the directing will to guide them into place and
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convalescent stage might not be arrived at before the fifteenth
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toms no treatment need be suggested unless the patient be neurotic or
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septicaemia. Usually the neighbouring lymphatics are implicated.
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After having removed the nasal lesions of a mechanical nature the
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symptoms there is a pronounced and permanent rise in blood pressure
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Holland and scarcely had Flanders and Picardy begun to repair
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diseases of the gall bladder and bile ducts Dr. Alex. McPhedran Toronto
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medical science evince the utility of this addition to
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duces profuse bleeding. Again it is always well to warn the patient not
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