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So vast however and composite has the profession become that the

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name is porcellio sealer. The Welsh have several names for this insect

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surgery was born. In the chronology of our craft time is divided into

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Trinity Medical College with high honors practised in Meaford Thorold

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an invaluable text book embodying a clear but succinct statement of our

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tention and were being developed slowly though surely

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are the neurasthenics who are such because they have

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depletion allows a pessary to be inserted with safety and comfort lo

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were causing much mortality in America In Quito so dcstruc

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the habit years ago but they go to evening parties

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The diagnosis of visceral lesion can only be made by exclusion and

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and Throat and Mental Diseases. The examinations are on the same

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mankind. Out of seventy attacked at Posangia only ten were

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McGill Medical Faculty and subsequently demonstrator in Anatomy

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this regulation it was the purpose of the association

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nor bird of prey would touch the carcases. And this is another

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and dropsy. Rings of lead mixed with quicksilver were worn

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Then this fearful pest rushed onwards in its terrific course

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many fonns of micro organisms may grow luxuriantly in it under cer

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fectness and security of the union in the intestine at

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Hall J. D. Captain and Assistant Surgeon From Department

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hand he repudiates all his former evil deeds and he symbolises

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