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the disease in itaelf rarely produces fatal results. Nothing certain
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hU medical studies in 1841 under Dr. Rolph at Rochester. He then
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have continued in use for some time For instance Dryden four
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The relationship between adenoids and suppuration in the tympanum is
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present both characters. The same peculiarity is observable in the phenomena of
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twenty or thirty years. It has already lasted fourteen days. As a
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end of the autumn bad been very chilly and had lasted for maav
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A gold medal and three silver medals are offered annually by ttie
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lections because it may happen that suppuration has occurred in early
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it up. The cavity also contains epithelial cells red blood cor
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It would be impossible to review all the chapters but will only
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probability either have ended fatally or have been followed by complica
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between the two in consistency and at the periphery especially in
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what substance there is in that auspicial principle and funda
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tional side. The addresses papers and discussions were numerous and
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published as such they would have constituted a val
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cific treatment of diphtheria by large doses of the
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where he will take a course in one of the large hospitals.
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malignant and cont ious fever and among the remarkably well
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patients were all adults and had been considered epiliptics for many
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a trouble of neurasthenics and women. The symptoms are usually vague
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in the western heavens. The year following there was a severe
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will be disposed to deny who has paid the slightest
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were any laryngeal symptoms. Dr. McPhedran presented a case age 31
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There is a very interesting and able chapter on the germicidal prop
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and should be given in 15 minum doses three times daily freely diluted
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determine the questions of fact and though the finding is at variance
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signal to the ndhak burners to stop the burning of the banana
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fair the patient demanded an operation and we explained the danger and
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two years of life the disease is usually of the bronco pneumonic type.
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disease 2 that in such transactions as these the devil never
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and of a contagious nature. The cause of it of course was the
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a few days it becomes yellow thick and sticky adhering to the
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peculiar appearances beyond those usually seen in arthritis. In the
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the candidate must have passed a recognized matriculation have attended
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his opinion serves to stimulate the organic sensibility
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disease. McEwen s well known remark may be quoted that he would
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much inflamed and the gall bladder was full of a dark green
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and had an insupportable odour subcutaneous emphysema
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Normally the sinus is the habitat of a large number of various
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leeiares a year pathological anatomy and bacteriology 60 lectures
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death is still a proper diet. Hitherto the disease has eluded all
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In such cases surgical interference is called for the operation
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is advisable to apply our industry to find out the means of cure.
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Twelve cases operated on during the past year were reported. The
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from its attacks when once introdnced. As we shall ace here
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these are filled with soft red granulations which may mortify and
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there is a partial obstruction to the flow of bile through the common
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requested should resign the case to the latter on his
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fourth series part 200 September 1880 p. 539. Here the person consulted
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Cincinnati. After filling the position for two years
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daily applications of iodine and galvanic treatment.
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of the uterus in the first stage being more or less
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latter facts and ignoring the necessary conditions of the actual
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purative processes have been found by himself at the
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