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Status: Endangered
Classification: Mammals
Scientific Name: Myrmecobius fasciatus
Date Listed as Endangered: December 2, 1970

Numbat is small and about 40 cm (16 inches) from nose to tip of tail. It has white brown colour with white stripes across the rump and a dark stripe in each side of its eye. It is found in southern parts of Australia, from western New South Wales to Western Australia. They have been believed that they are native animals and they disappear when the new area where settled thatís why they hunt on daylight unlike most Australian animals. They used low scrub and hollow logs as their shelter.

Australian Numbat

Numbat likes to eat termites which they found by digging into rotten logs. By the use of their very long, worm like tongue, they lick up the termites that they found. When they are born theyíve attach themselves to one of the motherís four teats because mother numbats have no pouch and her young have to cling onto her belly hair. A mother numbats will also sometimes digs a small burrow with a nest at the end to protect her young.

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