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disastrous epizooty also visited the sheep and goats in Poland

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former illness which proved beneficial as formerly.

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severe cases the part may become atrophied or indurated.

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pense as to put it out of reach of manv meritorious

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tion is called to the fact of the great frequency of

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tion is to arouse public interest in the prevention of tuberculosis by

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was applied to the wound and when presumably it had dropped

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could be seen instead of being of a uniform rose colour was

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The only treatment that is of any use is extirpation of the

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was an abundant mucous discharge of a greenish colour from

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name several times in the hope of bringing back the wandering

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or Territory to another but the so called splenetic or

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In the parish of Culdaff county Donegal an infant at its

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esting account of a visit to the laboratory of Professor Pawlow in St.

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the moment it is recorded that an ox was attacked it carried

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animals die so quickly that there is scarcely time to aid them.

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actions of his healthy brothers the one acting and re acting

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the sacro iliac articulation is eccentric to that of

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even after the operation the careful dietary the free use of water and


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