Maremma Rescue

Maremma rescue is a not-for-profit that are based in Victoria and rescues the Maremma Guardian Sheepdog and maremma crosses from across Australia. They are a relatively small rescue, and all dogs will be placed into a foster home on a farm where the carers get a better understanding of the animals needs. All dogs are de-sexed, vaccinated, microchiped and wormed. They take on ones from pounds and shelters as well as surrenders.
The majority of Maremma who come into Rescue are originally bought from pet shops and knowingly sold into suburban homes. These dogs usually find themselves in Rescue because they have grown too big, shed too much hair, have become too protective, or bark too much for the suburban home. Owners are continually telling them that their cute white puppy has grown into a dog they did not expect to have and now can’t keep.

Wherever our Rescues have come from, they are usually lovely dogs who adapt extremely well to a new family and environment, providing the new owner understands the breed and has the time to help the dog make the transition. The ideal home for most of our rescue dogs, is small acreage, where the dog can be a general farm/family companion and guardian.