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dium opened and found full of blood. There was slow trickling of blood

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of the leftside of the heart but that venous blood is

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phorus lime and potash. The chlorides and soda are increased.

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watch that the numbers of the cattle in these places were neither

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earthquake was felt in the island of Malta. Dysentery and

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aration and after courses of professional instruction

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slightly tinged with blood. The patient s condition following the opera

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assuredly a striking fact and one fraught with particles.

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order to enable them to obtain the necessary medicines he taught them

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inated at first and then coalescing so as to form large

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more especially in the murrain. Notwithstanding they check putreiaction in inani

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practice is based on an exclusive dogma to the rejec

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blood from the cervix with the precautions which have been enumerated

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progress we can arrest by care almost as soon as they mani

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advance of ihe muscular weakness. It is advised in addition to letching

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publication of a single lecture. And within the last

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Compound comminuted fracture of Stimulants administered. JDied within 12 hours

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operation is applicable to other parts besides eye

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Montreal s Contagious Disease Hospital is to be called the Alexan

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substance powdered and mixed with one half its bulk

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for the average student can only hold so much knowledge it is hopeless

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of the body. And that those manifestations which we call pathological


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