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quantity with active bactericidal and curative qualities. The peroxide
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continue lines of work for which he is most fitted.
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in disea.ses of the liver simple hypertrophy and fatty
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would be using time unprofitably and to say the least tedious and
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invitations to the homes of the profession in Montreal and their many
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De bilis indole ejusque jn chyliticatione ntilitate
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laying the disease spirit. A subtler reasoning but of the
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suspect the disease or those which have been in the same stable
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testimony. The client replied Why I was all over London and saw
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at every period and which we have recourse to now. In 1711
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must be a very modern superstition. Mourning note paper is
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have prevailed at difTeient periods respecting this
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reputation too. He has been known on more than one occasion to throw
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up. On the 31st of May a large meteor was seen in Virginia.
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not only save him from harm but stop the howling of the dog.
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cholecystitis to be encountered they are not large I have seen on one
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The subject was further discussed by Sir William Hingston of
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Cincinnati. After filling the position for two years
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details of experimental research cannot be regarded
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Upon the thin shell however adrenalin had an excellent effect and
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where boards of health exist and also of those which
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to.so place the sutures as to secure a perfect reinver
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parts of the Dominion and the Committee recommends
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extolled by anj medical writer or teacher but I have
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pains returned. October 1 he had colic for four days and was then
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Carbolic acid and creosote are serviceable in typhoid
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in itself is sufficient to disprove the hypothesis of
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ently dieted. We cannot therefore but subscribe to the general
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tagious and others not so this property existing in
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backwards and forwards in communication with each other and
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The game horses and swine had all the same disease. Although
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De la Confcrie V erie Normande 1778. For Franconia in 1 764 FrSnkische
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collect and form a haematome or the gland tissue may be lacerated
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tion as due to a perversion of thought caused by looking at facts
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have of late been made that there are men and women living
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bar obgleich nicht alle namentlich der hund nicht der sich
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and when the stools are greenish in color or are slimy
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controlled in so far as they desired the utterances
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spinal centre or of any portion of it tlie increase
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appearance in some cases under the skin so that they seemed to
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Evt ry TU Jent before he can be enregistered as an undergraduate in
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suspected oxen. They expelled the disease by no other artifice
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or protospore capable of germination and ultimately after several intermediate
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many and Poland. A witness to its ravages in Holland to
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nut suffer from general paralysis though they often suffered from
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Tatray. In Sequens case his attention was called to it by 95
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absence extended three months on surgeon s certificate of dis
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one year has sufficed to convince its projectors that
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Austria an epizooty amongst cattle and hogs which was named
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put it in practice and the public will in several dilterent mauueis
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At the evening session of the second day the Address in Medicine
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for thought for if they are not the immediate agents inducing
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with the alteration in the character of the milk are the chief
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adapted to labour than to swift motion is grievously hurt if
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former as did also the rareness of thyroiditis as a primary affection
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than ninety thousand 90 000 years of active and useful life to the
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subjugating one another mutually j and united by the common tie ot
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The work includes moreover such emergency procedures as not alone
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there are two distinct groups of cases a portal cirrhosis commonly
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these diseases and malformations. This gives a clearer understanding of
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sixty both stricken with the disease. Animals also were not free


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