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flocks and herds escaped destruction owing very much besides

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point to but slight local and constitutional involvement.

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the air in the beginning of winter especially iri November was

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it is that there are certain cases due to lesions remote

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seat of fracture and then collodion is painted over the

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this journal. Dr. Billings says they are well worthy

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the following left by patients who had gone away cured might

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wards the end of April 1731 this disease appeared among other

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Dr. Beck was seriously ill a short time ago suffering from blood

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mon speech and thought of every day life. It is remarkable

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to be innocent but he knew of one case where they became sarcomatous.

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tics which have reigned amongst horses and cattle over nearly

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women at their own homes. 4. The provision in all midwifery bags of

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Roman Republic according to Pliny 33 cities existed there but

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shoe with the forefinger of the right hand while you repeat the

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the surrounding countries where in this year a rain which had

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is observed often to precede deadly human plagues it was called

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condition. One point in which Case 3 presents a striking difference from

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as having destroyed much cattle in England in this year. They

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which has during the last session been passed by the Dominion Parlia

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almost wholly regained after a fortnight. When acute

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ac uired at the expense of some more useful and practical information

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case in other parts in this corner of the kingdom the murrain

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state which also was noticed in the lungs and the bronchise.

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affinity to Linnceus s Fur ia infernalls. The same means for keep

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districts it must likewise become more fetid and unwholesome

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become like cords. The tumour is hard black and does not

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fevers were common among mankind. Malignant anthrax

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reviewer no excuse for such cruel treatment when nitrous oxide gas can

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wounds had been rnade. The only difference between the results

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Diagnosis. The diagnosis apparently lay between typhoid fever

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infectious disease but also because bound up with it is the much

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to say that the skin of an infected beast preserves its contagious

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condition of the fish only takes place in those years when in the

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This subject however will doubtless enter as an in

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and all efforts at resuscitation failed. Nut a single drop of chloroform

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These pestilences appear to have prevailed in Ireland at

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so as to raise the temperature of the mixture ji i. | Resources | Privacy | Disclaimer
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