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of the tongue and contraction of the limbs but this

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purple appearance evidencing much or long continued congestion of the

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IN The Medical il fe Ju y 2.5th J H.Adams discusses the possibility

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disease. It really appears that the malady diminishes and as if

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may be honest in his conclusions. The retainer however is too often

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claim soon he will be well. f In the south of Hampshire a

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though it is certain that it first showed itself in the immediate

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even when it is empty and at first sight give the impression that

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the plexuses of the medulli spinal veins which lie be

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injected liver their coats appear to consist almost

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and pain continue vomiting persists or distinct tumor felt. A rapid pulse

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proportions between the cranial cavity and the sinuses

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disease of the tongue which however did not make much pro

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puncture during life and subsequently in the liver and spleen in the

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administration of quinine was before long followed by restoration to

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