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barley. Gluten which is found very abundantly in wheat is the most

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Address in Sorgcry The Contribotion of Pathology to Surgery by

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call to the attention of the profession. Letters written for publication or

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is so great a discharge of purulent mucus and that therefore

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appointing. Many advances however have been made during the past

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constantly on her side and takes no notice of surrounding objects.

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little for complete digestion. A very interesting observation was some

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with a few useful ones rather than knowing a little about many.

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when no chloroform was given Imperfect anaesthesia is the cause of

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without a real presence to justify the perception. It

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mon way of averting mischief. But it was more generally the

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of employment etc. Such a result might follow if the public were

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in excess of the latter and is a physiological neces

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as I am aware of in any published work written before Ibn

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developed again and for years it has every three to

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accustomed to seek for differences as well as analogies

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practised his profession at Gananoque Brockville and at Athens spend

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The superior man proceeds with the integrity and good

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cattle continued to eat well but others lost their appetite. The

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alyze the inhibitory fibres these sounds could be pro

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survival of the fittest goes on more slowly now than ever before.

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fication as in the human subject anterior to signify

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requested should resign the case to the latter on his

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rules is of great importance hecause little or no infection is

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being contagious and the patient should be isolated from the rest

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For illustration of the use of black and white in folk medicine

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