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a disease among oxen. In this year 941 a comet appeared

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This paper was further discussed b Dr. Shepherd of Montreal.

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natives. In Calcutta it is not much heard of but up the

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stantly found vomica and abscesses in some of the viscera of the

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was saved oul of the seventeen. Doctor Fountayne Dean of York had four

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certain and is the less to be Wondered at as the unwholesome

evogen lipocide and carnigen

It is not uncommon to see the gland swell and give milk in

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the liver inclining a little to the left of this fis

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grass which is said to grow up where persons dining in a

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throat in April agues ophthalmia and spasmodic diseases.

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WillianiN Principles of Medicine. Hilton s Rest and Pain and Balfour s

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the broad ligaments Virchovv declaring to afford one

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cleanliness the destruction of sputum etc. To sum up patients should be

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At the quarterly meeting of the Board of Governors of the Montreal

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against the bites of serpents and vipers Culpepper supposes to

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caw that when one stone had entered the duct other smaller stones

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aphthous diseases form the essential characteristics of the epizoo

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Early English pea Myriads of bacteria and micrococci

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There was a time when all was chaos and confusion. Many were the

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either socially or professionally. In his case virtus incendit vies was

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The following cases were among those reported at the Montreal

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begins at the costal margin just at the ninth cartilage but is

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ago a collier s wife applied to the sexton of Ruabon church for

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Surgeon J. C. Wise detached from New Hampshire and or


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