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The other drug to which I wish to refer is sodium benzoate. This
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terranean were being driven from the market of Frusino to us
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A.D. 1590 Rabies in wolves was epizootic at Montbel
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have alike all been wasted those boxes of precious ointment
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drink consisting of a pint of ale with half an ounce of tincture
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Another point is that the saliva was loaded with white
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his operation were that it lessened the danger of haemorrhage and sepsis
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thoroughly understood by the public there would be much less risk of
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fasciculi alone could properly be regarded as roots
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proceedings of the thirty fifth annual meeting of the 1
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tions are various. If very benign it may disappear altogether
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ately killed. I believe the effect expected from this singular
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operation may fail through not removing enough but never from remov
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year and a great hindrance to fattening this year. Great in
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Medicinal treatment is usually not required following this operation
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respectable medical colleges recognize this evil and
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Two cases had been treated with injections of chlo
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University of Manitoba and has a staff of twenty professors or lec
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teen or eighteen or nineteen there will be great danger on
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exhalation of this kind of various luminosities and other phe
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Suturing should not be delayed beyond one week. Dr. McKenzie asked
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terprise is likely to rival its neighbor of free scholar


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