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manifested themselves in the neighbourhood and the infection
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many provinces of France and in Corsica the Cattle Plague con
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changed. Ordered rest liquid diet and in short gave usual treatment
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ment especially of the nose and pharynx. 4. The generally well known
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reputed to have a similar virtue when mounted in a ring.
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sunk below the level. The disinfection of the stables though
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at cross roads and if at full moon so much the better.
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doing away with the local difficulties about the air
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invitations to the homes of the profession in Montreal and their many
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good results but as a rule amputation is necessary.
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totally prevented. Plants of all kinds withered and became so
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sheep foot rot the pedero of the Spaniards a contagious ma
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bill of damages. He will have a sort of pardonable pride along this
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His horses jaunt and course abrode as swiftly as he can.
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inated he gained an insight into the w hole question of metastasis
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only amongst those animals which had communication with the
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being tense shining and adherent to the structure it is slightly
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epizootic form in Switzerland and Suabia and was very fatal.
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coloured purulent and fetid shortly before they perished. Un
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In this tendency to repose at night man shares with all other living
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The posthitis is generally associated with balanitis
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question that the germs may be localized when the chill occurs as the
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and ilio femoral cavities are directed nearly per j
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expecting something of.special interest. It was sug
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linen cloth and fastened in the mouth of the animal. The use
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they are born like poets only occa.sionally. To paraphrase Sir Thomas
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buried kangaroo tendons by injecting a four per cent solution of formalin
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had begun with misfortunes for the poor. The scarcity of grain
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dently with ergotism in man. Taube says When in the spring
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the right manoeuvre was made the Court leans over to the stout old
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from fright were mentioned. In one case the patient was very nervous
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the peritoneal cavity beneath the linea alba traversed
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to the ground so great was their number and weight. The
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of due perseverance in the exhibition the joining to them injurious
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time forces me to close. Just one or two remarks in brief
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beast and convey il by actual contact to the sound. This may be
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tunate doctor is addres sed Now listen to me doctor a long array
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to the late Prof. Pirie and graduated from Mareschal College in 1843 as | Resources | Privacy | Disclaimer
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