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nals. It would not be profitable to attempt to sell a

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and the connection between cause and effect are the most in

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much neglected and did not receive all the attention which its

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who are content to grope in darkness under the belief

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When such men as Mayo Collier Bark Stuart Low and Maclntyre

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Harvey led the way in the application of experimental methods to bio

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were very easily made in the differential diagnosis of

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On examination the patient presented a complete bony partiticm

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desire in their minds to raise the standard of the general education required

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agreeable smell in the clothes of persons who had been very con

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translate him from the pinnacle of his earthly fame to

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The disease spread from Russia and fi m Hungary into Mol

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made of the small pox in sheep. Joubert a physician in allud

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taines maladies specialement les infirmites de l intelligence de

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medicines in accordance with the hypothesis of KircheHs living

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liver far up into the thoracic cavity on the right side.

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asserts that this murie was the bovine contagious pleuro pneumonia but surely

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should be clearly understood that any great measure of success will

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to stand if raised up they immediately fell down again on their

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It would be impossible to review all the chapters but will only

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that annually 2 to 10 per cent of the ewes are attacked after

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de Zootechnie mentions that calves sucking mothers that were in

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suspensory ligaments formed of elastic fibrous tissue. The lacti

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ferior ring. Phimosis may in turn cause balano pos

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use leaves a week spot in the abdominal wall inviting the development of

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importance in all operations upon these cavities and

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very great discomfort which latter should be avoided

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were causing much mortality in America In Quito so dcstruc

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was used when gathered in wedding hours and boiled in water

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teria the infusion will be inactive. 3. The bacteria

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maimer as it shall touch neither the earth nor a bath.

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into the stomach upon the constitution of the secretion. Upon feeding

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diminished nor increased without being duly reported to their

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strongest indications of the affection being filled with a great

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air the spring and summer were very wet and the ground very

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