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parable in their action with those of diphtheria and tetanus it was

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chemical properties coupled with the physical signs

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this party six were smothered in about twenty seven days in

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plished. The real duty of the individuil practitioner is that of becoming

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ulate the following rules which should guide any one

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from the infected mountains where the disease is raging the

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ing remissions until the fifteenth day when the patient

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the most and it is very often found inflamed and gangrenous

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months were nearly rainless and the year 1689 closed with

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Macoupin County Societ for Medical Improvement. Ma

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offers no peculiarity illustrative of the affinities

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of the diseased and disinfection of the place they have been in.

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farmers in the neighbourhood of Chartres who have usually a

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eyes became dull watery and muco purulent and tears flowed

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handling the beast keep their hands wetted with a mixture of

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tended to devote themselves to acquire a knowledge of animal

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fowl is attacked it is generally followed by a succession of others

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admirable provision is often made for the care of convalescent patients

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from starvation. Huxham again writes for the month of March

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if there are three prominent definitg symptoms indicating its use we can

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eral increase of cerebro spinal fluid. It is to this

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Enzootic anthrax killed many cattle in Auvcrgne France.

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before the arteries became affected the condition was amenable to

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offers an abstract of Bates s account and for 1715 adds The

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pression. Shock also may be due to the use of instru

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anterior portion of this tumor with forceps about a

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among dogs Chabert alludes to the great prevalence of canine

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practitioner whose leisure is more limited while to the physician agri

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stunted mental trees we have also to consider the effect of their

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