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Regionally presented for the use of students and practitioners of medicine By George

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was very easily to be traced effects of this epidemic were sudden

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through an intercostal space they will compress the

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skin round their leg when bathing in order to secure them

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into Upper Italy. In England in January great floods drowned

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and milk supply must insist upon all cattle intended for human food

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But elsewhere we have seen several reports represent

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been performed. It is also essential that the patient be taught continual

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of medical study. To endow the chairs in anatomy physiology and

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have rapidly increased in number and in proportion as these have at

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tellectual moral and spiritual developments and re

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real in whose handsome grounds had been tendered a garden party on

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civilization of ours also came under his ban as well as an unusual

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There appears to have been some old charm for toothache

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the majority of practitioners in the country. It is possible this evidence

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man tossed and shaken in fever pained and wrenched as though

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not shown the seat of the disease there would not have been the

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Trasbot recommends equal parts of starch and glycerine and

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bus a good cause The visitor reports that he has found other medical

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for concluding that the growth was a sarcoma and not a granuloma are

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The register shows 448 practicing physicians within

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of these opportunities of doing for their country or locality a truly

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and of the corresprmding anti toxines naturally stimulated to an enor

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tive superfluity in the upper lip or vice versa. He

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erroneously if the student will refer to the year 1277. Dr

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Treatment. If due to adhesion no matter what is adopted

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Baltimore. Besides the eatables there were the usual

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by the Privy Council on the 15th of January 1800. We may

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seem from a passage quoted by Dalyell that red played an

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that since my last report 249 distinct titles have been

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and the greater stmount of expectoration 1200 to 1500 grammes.

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