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had run so high and the suffering of the patient was
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violent fever their heads seemed so heavy that they could
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tremely courteous to the gentler sex so taking it from the
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all the filaments of the sciatic nerve some d istance
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only looked after them and he never went near either infected
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AH who availed themselves of Mrs. Ross s kind invitation carried away
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nous tendonitis in which the slightest movements are
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egg in his own urine. The egg was afterwards buried in an
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appeared quite blue and before this poisonous element could
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It was a true plague which after passing from province to pro
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especially whether they believe it to be communicable
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microscope it will be seen that the lacteal canals are greatly altered
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shire in the third year more than 40 000 died in Leicester
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garden and he describes its course as attended with noise. The
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these cases better than the cold dry air of high ele
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ensued from the failure of the latter cannot be described in few
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