Kangaroo Rat

Kangaroo Rat and Stick-nest Rat

Kangaroo rats are also called “bettong” where its name came from the Latin word Bettonia penicillat. Its 35 cm in length and these creatures looks like a large hopping rat. They nest in small holes in the ground and their nest may cover up to 2 hectares of land if put together. Their young will stay in a Mother’s pouch for 100 days and as soon as one young leaves another young will be born.These kangaroos feed on seeds, fungi and thick roots on some plants. They have their habitat in some areas of Queensland and south-west part of Western Australia. And, Forest fire may destroy their major food source.

Kangaroo Rat

Stick nest or house building rats were found in some parts of central Australia. However, today the only large colony that is left were found off the coast of South Australia particularly Franklin Island.
Researchers have found a small numbers of these species in Western Australia but none have been sighted recently. An adult species may range in about 45 cm to 55 cm from tip of nose to tip of tail. They can create a home made out of sticks that are laid over the tops of small holes in the ground.

Stick-nest Rat

These species feeds on thick juicy leaves of plants. Sheep, rabbits and cattle contributes to the destruction of their food.

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