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The reason for drowning a dog which has bitten a person is
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flame which has decimated our herds. The arguments used by
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equipped as they are with all the modern scientific apparatus will not
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bag applied like a saddle over the bridge of the nose and stypticin
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were debility sudden dulness drooping of the head tears flow
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Brera in his post mortem examinations discovered that the
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a coal of fire. Insufflation of sulphur is often good.
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tion of a large weekly journal is less occupied than
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of the pulse and subsequent eruption of pustules of difllerent
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sufficient maturity of morals to proceed to the University. However
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causes of this epizooty when we see it spread step by step but
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if his hand has before it has touched anything for himself been
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visions or folds the two sides of each of which are
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cule is revolving or vibrating they may even Yellow fatly matter 6 35
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observations and it was undoubtedly demonstrated that those
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the rule as old as the world and based upon commer
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fully express the odiousness of such conduct but I do think that some
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The English and Scotch peasant on the other hand attaches a
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more than one eye when it reached its last stage and death
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lished in the Association journal of August 1883 p.
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interest will go on record as one of the many great
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served for nothing is more constant than the composition of the
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the various countries to which it had been carried. | Resources | Privacy | Disclaimer
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